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Breathe Deeply – Your Body Will Thank You!

by carolyncordon (follow)
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Many people complain of a variety of everyday ills – from nervousness to constipation and basically feeling stressed all of the time, these issues haunt many. But there is a way to help heal yourself, medication required; you simply learn to breathe better. (Always check first with medical advisors before halting medication)

no medication required

Breathing is the most natural thing we do, isn’t it? The most important first thing in every person’s life is when, as new born babes, we take our first breath, and everyone can breathe again themselves. Breathing comes naturally to all creatures, but too many people don’t breathe properly and they pay the price with health problems such as the ones mentioned above.
If you go to yoga or tai chi classes, you will be taught how to breathe in a healthful deep and slow way.

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This kind of breathing massages the intestinal muscles, and helps them do their job properly, naturally easing the flow of food through your body. This kind of breathing is called ‘diaphragmatic breathing’. You take a big slow breath in, from right down in your belly, and slowly breathe out again. To check you are doing this correctly, try breathing with one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. You should feel your tummy expand as you breathe in, and get smaller as you breathe out again.

Deep, slow breathing helps many parts of your body, it can assist in reducing blood pressure, helps with muscle tension, it helps strengthen your lungs, and it helps you to remain calm in possibly stressful situations. When you breathe deeply in this way, your entire body can rest, relax and repair itself. When breathing deeply can assist you in all of these ways, why wouldn’t anyone do this?

Panic and anxiousness can be assisted with deep and slow breathing. When you slow down your breathing, you can seem to slow down the anxious thoughts scurrying around your brain. Meditation relies on controlling your thoughts, slowing them down, and deep and slow breathing is used to assist with this. When you are feeling nervous, you tend to breathe in a fast and shallow way, bringing on more nervousness. Simply slowing and deepening your breathing can help you to feel more in control of most situations.

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When breathing better can help you to live a better life, who wouldn’t try it out? You’ll be amazed at the change it can bring to your life!
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