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Blind Faith vs Understand Faith...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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When any solid foundation to base it on is lacking, that is what I consider to be blind faith. When I was growing up, I used to envy people who had (at least what appeared to be) a really strong faith. They seemed so content and so strengthened by their faith and all I had were questions and more questions. I used to wish I could just lay aside my need for reasonable, logical answers, and just believe as they did. Now at 47 years of age, I am very glad that I have a questioning nature. There was so much about the traditional Christian belief system, that I just could not reconcile with what I instinctively knew in my heart to be true. Several times over the years I tried my best to be a Christian, but always felt that it would require a forgetting of so much knowledge and wisdom that I already had within me. Blind faith, i.e. faith without form or reason, was not for me.

There is more of a distinction between blind faith and understanding faith, than just what you are basing your faith upon. It has a direct affect with how you relate to the Creator. Blind faith, I feel, creates a victim mentality, praying to an external and capricious God, who may or may not heed your prayers, depending on “his” mood or whether or not you have been deemed to be worthy. What I used to admire in people of blind faith, I now understand to be extremely disempowering. It seems to me that traditional Christianity taught you “what” to think, whereas developing an understanding faith teaches you “how” to think for yourself. And having always been an extremely spiritually inquisitive person anyway, I believe that this is exactly how it is meant to be.

Tracie Louise Photography sunrise faith understanding God belief religion spirituality

God’s creation requires growth, expansion, development, evolution. If that were not so, the Universe would not look as it presently does. Nature is overflowing with evidence of continual growth and renewal. The very idea of something (anything) remaining stagnant goes contrary to the natural order we witness in all of creation. Why, therefore, would religious doctrine be any different?

As the very presence of God expressing in human form, as me… it is my right and my responsibility to grow and develop, through the experiences of life, increasing my awareness, expanding my consciousness and continually searching for deeper and deeper levels of Truth, and then living that Truth to the best of my ability. That, to me, is the very definition of Understanding Faith. To possess true understanding, gives our spiritual activity something to stand on. Grounding it in something far more tangible than the old, outdated experiences and words of others who came before.

Tracie Louise Photography sunrise faith understanding God belief religion spirituality

Another term for “blind” is lack of vision, and to me that is what blind faith represents… a complete lack of visionary potential. A lack of courage and conviction to explore the true depths of spirituality. Having understanding faith does not necessarily mean that I have all the answers, but it does mean that I understand that I have the right and responsibility to ask the questions. It is faith based in a knowing that “seek and ye shall find”. A faith that tells me, the more I learn, the more I will understand, and the more I understand, the greater God’s kingdom within, shall become.

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