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Being the Quiet Achiever

by lynjo (follow)

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There's one, or more, in every crowd. They blend into the group, alert and switched on, but not making a fuss. They have a way of going about their business, getting the task completed, without needing to bother anyone else. They might seem invisible to others and they don't even mind. Comfortable in their own skin, knowing what they want, knowing what they need, they just want to get on with it.

These are the quiet achievers of our world. Without these people things might not get done so efficiently. Everything might become a fuss, a bother, not worth doing even. The quiet achiever can surprise people with their calm exterior, giving off an air of confidence and independence with their great capacity to get things done quickly and competently - if you happen to notice them that is.

The quiet achiever may not be feeling quite so independent and calm underneath, of course. Like everyone else, they might be quite anxious, worried about something, distracted even. They don't let on though. They keep it to themselves. Perhaps it's a protective guard they have developed to keep the world at bay. To not be distracted from their task at hand, or from their larger life goals.

The quiet achiever doesn't look for recognition, doesn't like the fuss that goes with that. They just want to glide through life, not getting distracted by others or the dramas that sometimes can be part of life. They want to achieve things for themselves, not for others. If recognition for their efforts comes, they'll accept it gratefully mind you. Although they don't want to chase it, they will, like everyone else, appreciate being noticed after all.

Sometimes the quiet achiever won't always be a quiet achiever. There might be places in their world where they take on a different role. They might be more outspoken, louder, more visible. There might be topics or issues they want to raise where they know being a quiet achiever won't work. They need to have a presence and their quiet confidence in themselves might enable them to do this, to take on a different role, to be different to their usual selves.

While the quiet achiever has an important place in our group, and our world, if we were all quiet achievers life might be a bit boring. We need a mix of personalities and different ways of doing things. Perhaps most importantly, we need people to be enabled, and supported, to have choices about how they respond in particular situations. We need to be able to choose when we want to be proactive, when to be calm and quiet, when to be reactive, even when to kick up a fuss.

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