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Being happy with your lot

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Being happy with what you have isn't the easiest of feelings when we are consistently fed consumerism through the media and advertising.

But there are ways to overcome the draw of consumerism and be happy with what you have, sometimes by looking inside yourself and realising what you have.

I nearly died at birth and I have had to have three year check ups to make sure I'm well. Thankfully, I've always been given a thumbs up and a reassurance that my heart is functioning well, but it can still be a worry, and to think I could have not been here is unbearable.

It is all too easy, however, to forget where you may have started, or your early beginnings in life compared to what you may have in adulthood. I know that now I can afford the odd splurge every couple of months, but the act of buying something is so superficial in comparison to my parents concern with my health.

For twenty one years (after I was finally discharged), there was always a concern for my heart, but nothing serious. I had a bit of a scare, however, when I was twelve years old where I felt like I couldn't breath and I was terrified there was a serious problem.

It turned out it was just a bit of acid reflux, but I'd never experienced anything like that before so I was, naturally a bit frightened. Only that day was I talking to my sister about the new school shoes our Mother was buying us on the weekend. That evening, whilst rushing to hospital in the car, however, school shoes were the least thing on my mind.

I couldn't be more grateful to be alive. I don't own any designer items aside from a purse I was given, my wants extend no further than decent food and all I care about is being able to travel, enjoy work and be with my love ones.

I'm not saying that a life-threatening situation or condition needs to happen, but it certainly puts things in perspective. I have a wonderful family, and although we argue at times, I know I am very lucky and thankfully, happy with my lot.

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