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Awesome Wonderfulness

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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I am a bit of a Facebook fan (addict perhaps, but Iím trying to work on that Ö) On my Facebook page I recently posted this: ďToday is going to be another day of awesome wonderfulness. Or that may be awful woefulness. My brain isn't feeling quite right. Damned cold ...Ē

That might not be terribly interesting to readers here, or it might be. Time will tell. I like to think about things Ė life, attitudes, cute pictures of puppies, and pictures of kittens sometimes, even though I always say I donít like cats. Thatís not quite true, in the same way that I might say I donít like dirt. Dirt is useful because flowers grow in it!

lovely flowers my own photo
flowers - my own photo

Sometimes dirt can be interesting. Hmm, Iíll have to think a bit more about that one. Iím not much into cleaning, but I know other people do a lot of it.
Weíre all different. And that may be what this post is all about. Everyone has their own ideas. I am currently living through having a cold. It would be exciting if it was something exotic, and Iíd caught it somewhere fancy, but it isnít and I caught it at home from my husband. I love him dearly, but I doubt he would ever be described as fancy. Heís an interesting guy, with a quirky and fun take of life, at times, which is fun. And heís very good at housework, which is fantastic, because Iím terrible at it.

Between us, we keep things in the house running well Ė him by cleaning and cooking, and me by being me. Being me is a difficult job at times. Iíve been various things in my life, a stable hand, a taxation officer, a kennel maid, a towns coordinator, a mystery shopper, and a writer/poet.

This last one is the one that interests me the most, the one that feels the most like 'Me'. Itís the one that has remained a constant for many years. It in fact is the one I still am. Writing is important to me, and my writing activities are the things that bring me the most joy and satisfaction. My writing brings me some money, through royalties and book sales, and sometimes through presenting writing workshops. This last thing is one I wish to expand on, and do more of. Writing workshops and public speaking gigs are what I want to become well known for.

Iíve just begun putting the word out about my desire to do these two things. So far this year, Iíve had a couple of local public speaking engagements. At this stage of my career, I suspect local stints will be what I mostly do, but Iíd be happy to travel a bit to do more public speaking. I know some people have a fear of public speaking, but not me. Some people have said theyíd rather die than do public speaking, which seems totally silly to me. If you die, you wonít have to do the public speaking that youíre scared of, sure, but you wonít be able to do anything else either!

When I wrote the Facebook post that prompted these words, I think I was feeling affected by illness, as I wrote there. But today, I have seen some awesomely wonderful things. I spent some time out the front yard, and took some pics of some lovely flowers. I love flowers. Then I spent some time out the back yard, and saw the awesome wonderfulness of the bright blue sky, with its gorgeous peaceful clouds drifting past, high above me.

lovely flowers my own photo
blue sky - my own photo
Lovely, awesomely wonderful and right there for me to see! So today hasnít brought me awful woefulness (apart from a bit of coughing and a slight headache).

Today, and most days bring me awesomely wonderful things from Nature and I say thank you!

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I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. Like you I enjoy the 'awesomely wonderful things from Nature'. I love flowers, especially the common ones which are easy to grow. I hope you get lots of public speaking gigs. Please tell us how you go and perhaps you could hand on some useful tips.
Thank Marie. At the moment, the most important speaking engagement I have is to read a poem I wrote for my niece after she asked me for one. She wants me to read a poem for her wedding which is happening next Friday. The poem is written and sent to her marriage celebrant. I hope it measures up to my niece's expectations - she didn't want to see my poem beforehand. I'm feeling very humble that she trusts me so much with this. She is a wonderful person.
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