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Accept Who You Are!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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How do you feel about yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you care about and look after yourself?

Many people donít. They donít measure up to the person that they think they should be or need to be.

So in this vein, they deny who they really are, what they are about, and they lie to themselves without looking at the value of being who they were born to be.

statue of a body
We are all unique!

To be your genuine self, you need to take a good honest look.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Notice everything about you. Look at your eyes. Look at your chin, your mouth, and look at your ears.This is you. The best thing you can do for you is love what you see.

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Love yourself and you will be happy!

No one else looks like you. Donít compare yourself to others, just love who you are. This is important for your self- esteem, your worth, and getting on with your life.

Another thing people tend to do is deny who they are.

We are all human, born with human traits.

I found it really easy to deny who I was growing up. When a problem would arise, a confrontation, or something I did not know what to do about or how to handle, I would not be honest. If I was at fault, if I was to blame, or if I was unsure, which was the case a lot of the time - I would think Ė no, I am not like that, that was not my fault, and I would blame others.

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Denial and blame don't make you a happy person!

But you know, I did things I am not proud of and because of the insecurities I would deny any wrong doing on my part, denying all to myself. This made my lack of self -esteem worse, and my self- esteem plummeted.

It has only been in the last couple of years I have admitted to myself, that yes, I am hot headed, impatient, and even rigid at times. I now can take responsibility for any rash actions, disagreements, or misconceptions. And I realize that I can live with this fact. It has also helped me to slow down, think about things first, before much of this can even occur anymore.

face statue
You can dance to your own music!

It has certainly been an interesting journey and has led me to be stronger because I also realize that there is more to me than my faults. I am a human being, I am ok. I can forgive myself for hurting myself and denying the traits that I do not like about myself.

This leads to forgiveness and the allowing of forgiveness gets us back on the trail of being our own authentic self. Besides, there are lots of things about me that I do like and I like this new part of me.

Give yourself a break. Recognize just because there are things about you that you donít like, does not mean you are worthless. It means that you are like everyone else. It also means that you can recognize the unique beauty of you. This also allows you to make changes to the things that you can change.

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You are human!

You can take up the challenge of your life. Be kind to yourself, love yourself, know when and what you can change and accept the things that you canít change.

#inspiration #self love #insight #goals #happiness
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I really liked this article. Gave me ''food'' for thought. Thank-you!
Thank you Janet - always happy to help!
by sharo
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