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A Short Activity for Self-discovery

by Emily (follow)
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Who are you today?

This is an activity I once ran with a class of University students, and do myself on a semi-regular basis. I find it not only fun (and occasionally funny) but also a simple way to figure out what is going on in my own head, uncover hidden stresses, or simply make a record of myself in that moment.

Take a lined piece of paper and at the start of each line write the words ‘I am’ Make sure there are lots of lines – the more the better. Now, without pausing, without thinking, without considering what you will write from one moment to the next, start at the top of the page and fill in each line.

The key is speed. Continue writing – write anything – free yourself from what you think you ought to write. Write nonsense. Write the first thing that you think of. Write honestly. Write about you. Write and move on, pressing forward to the next line. I am – I am – I am – I am – I am. Write until you stop. Now breathe.

Make yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and read slowly over your list. What trends can you see? What’s at the front of your mind at the moment? Is your list dominated by feelings or actions? Dreams of the future or thoughts of the past? How are you defining yourself in this moment?

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I am happiness

I am tired
I am working
I am his girlfriend
I am chocolate
I am poised
I am spring-board
I am elevator
I am growing
I am written
I am my hands
I am ticking
I am weekend
I am sunshine
I am free

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Hey Lola, great article and really wonderful idea.I will have to try this out myself. I love the direction your writing is taking keep up the good work. :D
An incredibly powerful technique you could employ after you have played this game is to then sort out the negative terms you have used... "I am tired".... "I am fat"... etc, and change the word to what you would rather see. "I am full of energy".... "I am happy with my body shape". And use those statement as often as possible. When you catch yourself using a negative I AM statement, correct is asap. Even if you don't believe in this stuff (which is completely your prerogative)... I guarantee doing this will at the very least put a smile on your face. Walk around for 10 minutes saying positive I AM statements and see how quickly you get real happy. :)
This is actually a lot more powerful than you realise. From a self discovery point of view it's a wonderful exercise. But from a spiritual Truth perspective, we shape our reality via the words I AM. I AM are two most powerful words in the Universe, because whatever we place after those words become real for us.


This is a wonderful movie, if you ever get the chance to see it. I think you would find it rather mind expanding.
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