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A Letter to Myself

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Dear Self:

I want you to look back on your life and be honest with yourself.

man in despair
Take a look at your life!

In the past you have felt afraid, stuck, stalled, fearful, hurt, angry, jealous, misunderstood and a whole host of other things that you were never able to put a name to.

man in despair
Sometimes you can't put a name to how you feel!

All of these came in different packages, at different times and over numerous circumstances where you felt you had no control, where you felt slighted, where you felt lost and afraid.

These things were part of what enabled you to take a good look at your life and see things that needed to be changed. Then you acted, not always wisely, sometimes impatiently, and a lot of times emotionally.

But a process started.

man in despair
Change occurs!

You started healing. Yes, it took a while and it had been slow at times to the point where you wondered what the point really was. Yet you kept going.

I want to tell you how proud I am of you for moving ever forward. It is a process that has come over years of doing, thinking, feeling, and finally acknowledging all of the above.

man in despair
Love yourself!

And now it is time to look at how much you have healed. You are on a joyful, loving, path that now enables you to see others with more love and compassion. It allows you to see others without judging, criticising and anger. It also allows you to see yourself this way as well.

Ok, yes, sometimes you do slip back into your old ways, but those moments are fewer. You have enabled yourself to heal and forgive yourself. When you see and notice a slip up you are able to come back to centre, to admit there is a problem and look at ways of clearing it up. This is something to be proud of. It allows you the joy of recognizing that you truly are on the right path.

Now it is time to get on with the business of moving into the next stage of your life. Keep going. Be continuously grateful, kind, loving, so you are able to show others that it is ok to be human, that it is good to heal yourself so that they too feel that they can also heal themselves.

It's good for your soul!

Remember, as a person you will continue to make mistakes but with your ongoing knowledge of self, you will know what to do. You will be able to look at new situations as they arise, admit something is going on and be able to deal with it, to heal it and let it go.

One way or the other, keep taking those steps that keep taking you into the rest of your life. you are following the path of healing and it feels amazing.

Feel amazing!

Love always:

Your self

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Very well written Sharo, truly inspiring !
by BK
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