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A Healthy Relationship with Pleasure

by tomci (follow)
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Gigantic portions of food, endless television marathons, absurdly priced jewels, and all night slot machines. Does our society need these things? Apparently, yes, and this is why:

Many people don't have a healthy relationship with pleasure.

It can be confusing notion, at first. After all, everyone experiences pleasure in their own way, and quite often for many different reasons. For instance, some people get a lot of pleasure out of going for a run every morning to start their day. To others, this kind of practice would utterly depress and terrify them.

So what is pleasure and how could someone possibly have a bad relationship with something that makes them feel better instead of worse?

The answer lies in why we seek pleasure.

Pleasure makes you feel good, but if you have trouble with feeling good, then seeking pleasure can obviously lead to some very bad things. Take excess, for example.

People love food. Not just for its nutrition, but for the pleasure it gives us. And yet some people die simply because they eat far too much of it.

Many doctors have done tests examining how we eat excessively because we over compensate for the problems in our lives or the physical pain we suffer.

We feel a desperate sense of entitlement.

We eat food until our stomachs bloat, we watch TV until our eyes are sore, we abuse our relationships until we barely know who we are anymore. We do this because we feel entitled to - any guilt we may feel won't lift the habit.

You are the only person who can change your life.

Be honest with why you seek pleasure. Does pleasure make you feel good?

You probably think that question is stupid, but ruminate on it. You may likely find that there are habits you have, decisions you make, activities you do that actually bring you very little pleasure, but you do them anyway because you have an instinct that that will fix your emotions, that that will give you your escape.

The truth is, we all need to escape sometimes, but the trick is to do it for the right reasons.

Pleasure Pancakes!
A good read

The next time you have a sweet, don't just gobble it down. Savor it. When you go for a walk to clear your head, focus on each step. Breathe the air deeply and listen to the sounds of the world around. When you sit down to read a book, lose yourself in the words and characters.

Escape. Enjoy. Laugh. Love. Relish your life.

The worries, obligations, even the doubts that fester in your head never forget that these are details on the periphery. They should never take center stage.

The only thing that is important is that you enjoy your life. Once you accept this, the responsibilities you deal with, the problems you have to solve, the adversities you must overcome, these things will seem less and less a significant part of your life.

You will be happier, and people will sense this. They will be happier, too. They will be happy to have you in their lives, and you will feel the same.

All the sudden, pleasure and life don't seem to have very different shades of colour. That's because they shouldn't be. Life is a journey, yes, but the beauty of life is that we can enjoy the journey.

Cherish the journey. It is a beautiful thing to be alive, and a remarkable thing to be able to have pleasure.

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