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A Favourite Healthy Snack for my Family

by carolyncordon (follow)
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My favourite healthy snack is to put together a mix of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, together with some dry cereal, and to snack on that. I make sure I donít have too much of anything, and I only have this once a day. Itís working well for me; Iím easily keeping to my ideal weight.

Nuts can be a problem for many people who are conscious of their calorie intake, and too much fruit, whether dried or fresh can be a problem too. But these things are certainly healthier for us to eat than potato crisps or lollies.

dried fruit and nuts with dry cereal
nuts and fried fruit with dry cereal - author's pic

With fruit and nuts, eating some is very healthy, as is eating one of the healthier breakfast cereals. The trick is getting the right amount of the healthy foods, without going into the unhealthy range. I know many people would be bored by doing this, but I know that if youíre trying to lose weight, properly reading the details on the packet of foods is important.

The words on the box can be deceiving. Trumpeting the low fat status on dried fruit is a ridiculous thing, because with fruit, fat isnít the problem, itís the fructose and glucose (sugars) that are the problem. The problem from eating too much fruit is those carbohydrates in the sugar.

Thatís why limiting the amount of fruit you eat in a day is important. If you limit yourself to only two serves of fruit a day, you should be fine. If youíre trying to lose weight, or not put any more on, go for fruits low in sugars/carbohydrates. Berries are usually low or medium in sugars/carbs, while grapes, figs and bananas are particular high in fructose and glucose.

nuts and dried fruit with dry cereal - author's pic
strawberries, home grown - authors pic

Make your choices depending on your dietary needs, and remember vegetables are almost always a great choice. Veggies are loaded up with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Just stay away from deep frying, and take care with any other cooking styles using oil. Stir frying with a little olive oil is a good and healthy choice.

One of my favourite snacks is a home-made muffin, made with fruit Ė bananas are a particular favourite, with chopped walnuts. One muffin, made with wholemeal flour, is a great healthy and filling accompaniment to a cuppa at morning or afternoon tea, or as a healthy dessert treat at night time.

Being able to cook these lovely healthy snacks for myself and my family makes me happy, and leads to a happy and healthy family. We all benefit by having such a healthy snack choice, and I feel better about myself for being able to provide the muffins to my family!

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