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5 Steps to Make the Most Out of Your Every Day

by Michael S (follow)
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Sometimes, after a day of work or study, the last thing you want to do is house chores, cook, or work on that project you told yourself youíd work on. Itís much more tempting to lie down in bed and browse through social media, or watch the newest episode of that tv show, or browse through entertaining cat videos on Youtube. Before you know it, the monthís coming to an end and that to-do list you set out for yourself at the beginning of the month has fallen by the wayside. While down time is a healthy part of unwinding, too much of it can leave you in a vortex of unproductivity, wondering where the time went.

So here are 4 simple steps to help you make the most out of everyday:

1. Start bullet journalling

Whether you like to sketch, take detailed notes, or just scribble down reminders - bullet journalling is a completely customisable approach to the standard day planner. There are hundreds of different, creatively inspiring bullet journals out there on Tumblr, but the basis of it comes down to an empty notebook, some coloured pens and ten minutes out of your day. Taking this simple, rapid, day to day approach to your tasks will help you feel more accomplished when things get complete, and migrating uncompleted tasks to the following day will help prevent task backlog.

2. Achieve one big thing a day

Whether itís exercising, finally setting time aside to work on that blog or even whipping up a delicious meal, achieving one task sets the momentum for productivity to flow. If you find that you didnít get a task complete - donít stress! Itís important not to rule out the possibility of productivity in your day simply because you havenít accomplished all the things you set out to do. Celebrate the small wins, migrate those unfinished tasks to the following day and start afresh.

3. Make Your Bed

Mornings can sometimes be a frantic rush to get out the door, but spending just two minutes making your bed means that youíve already one task that day, helping to set that feeling of productivity for the rest of the day

4. Prepare the night before

Whether itís the outfit you wear, what lunch youíre bringing or what youíll be having for breakfast, choose the thing that consumes the most of your day to day and prep for it the night (or day/afternoon) before. Lay out that outfit, pop your lunch in the fridge, or look into tasty on the go breakfast options like overnight oats or fruit-filled smoothies.

5. Unwind!

Lastly, as tempting as it is to squeeze every juice out of your day, remember to set aside some downtime. Whether itís thirty minutes or an hour, take a moment to sit back and relax with your favourite scented candle and book, soak in the bath or indulge in a stream of your addicting social media browse. Jot down some tasks for the next day in your bullet journal, then kick back because youíve earnt it!

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