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41 Ways To Be Happy Now

by Elise (follow)
Elise Perez YourPotentialRevealed.com
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When you find yourself down in the dumps and unable to easily release a thought, distraction is your best friend! Instead of attempting to will away the unwanted thought, try simply introducing a new, better feeling thought to focus on. This is an easy way to put you back in the driverís seat when it comes to creating your mood and your reality.

In order to use your thoughts to your your benefit, you must be able to direct your thoughts and choose thoughts that make you feel GOOD! This can be easier said than done, but it can be done. The more you practice happier thoughts, the easier it becomes to stay focused on happier thoughts. Happy thoughts create a happy mood and a happy mood yields results.


Results that look like desired manifestations. Like attracts like, therefore, happiness draws more happiness unto itself. This means, if you can keep your thoughts high and feel good, you will see positive results popping up all over in your experience. It is important to understand that wherever your thoughts primarily stay is where they will tend to gravitate. You will draw more of whatever you tend to think about the most. The more you practice a certain pattern of thought, the more momentum you build towards thinking positively and soon, thinking positively will be your new habit.


This is a list of ideas to help you shift your focus no matter what kind of rut you may be in. Feel free to comment with your own ideas!

Get on facebook. This only works if you are able to find positive things to focus on. So search for positive pages focused around motivation, wellness and love, for instance.

Get on Pinterest. This is good because Pinterest is full of beautiful and positive pictures. You will be unlikely to find something negative.

Listen to your favorite music or Pandora station

Read a book

Take a nap

Meditate (If meditation is difficult for you, you may want to try guided meditation.)

Call a friend who tends to lend positive and encouraging words.

Look up you tube videos. I suggest Abraham Hicks, this always lifts my mood. You can also look up your favorite music videos.

Google famous quotes by William Shakespeare and other well-known people.

Watch your favourite movie

Practice visualizing your dreams

List positive aspects

Make a to do list

Treat yourself

Work on a project, nothing is more satisfying then a sense of accomplishment

Clean/ Organise

Indulge in your favourite hobby

Ask yourself "what would make me happy right now?"

Make yourself something yummy

Take a walk or walk your dog. Spending time in nature is very refreshing

Excercise (Very helpful in lifting your mood because it produces endorphins)

Have sex! Sex releases many "Feel good" chemicals into th brain!

Take a relaxing bath. Bath Salts help to clear negative energy. Give it a try

Reach for a better feeling thought. (Abraham Hicks has videos that explain this in more detail)

Pamper yourself. Wax your eyebrows, put on a mud mask or a treatment in your hair. Paint your nails, etc.

Breath deep. Focus on your breathing and try to feel the energy in your body

Pick up an appealing magazine and read through it

Play a game

Go to your favourite store

Go to a bookstore and buy a helpful book

Treat yourself to starbucks, ice cream or whatever you would like

Do some things on your "To do" list

Google motivational quotes and posters


Do something nice for another person. This will always give you something to feel good about

Make a list of things you want

Set a goal to try to drink 8 glasses of water for the day

Have some wine or a favorite mixed drink

Focus on the understanding of law of attraction, which states that negative thoughts draw more negativity and positive thoughts draw more positivity



Remember to relish in the goodness of everything that you are doing and appreciate what you are able to do.
Be spontaneous! Do something out of the ordinary, drive to the beach or visit a cool city near you. There are endless possibilities to explore. Have fun with it.

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Great article Elise and some really good suggestions. I feel compelled to go do some of them right now :).
My suggestions for things that always make me happy.
Make a nice hot drink like a cup of tea or hot chocolate
Sing! Singing is always so uplifting, especially if you let your inhibitions go.
Find a really engrossing novel and lose yourself in a fantasy world
Go for a long wlk on the beach paddling in the water if its not too cold.
Hunt for shells just like you did when you were a kid.
Get together with a close friend and just hang out and be really silly together.

Enjoy your happy day everyone :D
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